How to Grow a Beard for a Black Man

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In the last few years, there has been a host of iconic black men sporting beards in all shapes and styles. And it’s not just black men in movies, music, and sports who have helped us see beards in a new light. Countless black men from all social groups have begun to rock a signature beard look.


With black trendsetters helping to redefine all the new beard styles as a popular grooming focal point, high-quality beard maintenance and trimming accessories have taken on new importance.  Grooming a beard into a thing of striking beauty requires correctly applied beard care products.


If you want to learn more about black men beard growth, keep reading for all the information you’ll need to know.

Best Black Men Beard Growth Faster And Thicker

It goes without saying that if you plan on growing a beard, it has to be well-groomed and neatly trimmed. To ensure that you have a tidy beard that looks great, you can do two things: Make regular visits to the barber and invest in a high-quality beard trimmer and stainless steel scissors.


If you have these tools in your bathroom cabinet, you’ll save time and money as well as being able to maintain a sharp appearance.

  • Implement a daily skincare routine by using beard oil to give it the fuel it needs to grow.
  • Maintain a healthy diet to give your body the nutrients it needs to produce lustrous hair growth.
  • Exercise increases your testosterone levels, so start hitting the gym regularly.
  • Give your face a few days to get used to the beard growth by keeping it washed and oiled. The itching will subside around day three.
  • If you have not decided on what style of beard you want, then avoid trimming or shaping it for about a month.


How Long Does It Take to Grow a Beard for a Black Man?

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If you haven’t yet discovered how your facial hair grows when it’s left alone for a few weeks, now is obviously the time to do that. Check every day to notice the places where it’s patchy and where it grows well. These are good indicators for what beard style you should choose.


Regardless of which type of beard you want to grow, always keep the facial hair and skin groomed, washed, and conditioned. For first-time beard growers, it might be a good idea to wait until you are on vacation to start the growth process. This way, if any patchiness or skin problems occur during the growing out stage, you can deal with it away from the glare of daily social interaction.


The biggest challenge as a black man when facial hair is beginning to grow is not knowing how the hair will look in the first week of growing it out. When you start to use the grooming products for your beard and the skin underneath, you should keep an eye on how your facial area reacts to it as well. The best beard growth oil for black men is the one that’s an effective solution for any beard problems you may have. It should hydrate and condition both the skin and beard.


Some of the tools you’ll need when you first start out on your beard journey are a high-quality beard brush made from boar’s hair and a beard and mustache comb. Other items that will help you stay on the right beard men beard growth track are soap, oil, and balm. If you use these when growing in your first beard, you should see an impressive new beard in six to eight weeks.

Does Shaving Help to Grow a Beard?

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This is a tricky question. If you know up front what beard style you want to cultivate, you can start shaving around the areas where you don’t need the beard to grow. If you are going for a full beard, then just let it grow, but with a few provisions in place: oil the skin and beard with a good quality product. This way, the facial hair follicles will produce a thicker hair shaft that grows healthy and straight.


How to Trim Split Ends

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Split ends are caused by the beard follicles being too brittle and coarse, which leads to the ends of the hair follicles breaking and fraying. The glands that supply the hair follicle with oil are really small, so they are limited in the amount of oil they can produce.


The oil, or sebum, that the follicle produces is only enough to cover the root of the beard hair and not the entire shaft. The lack of nourishment is what causes the tips to dry out and split, which is why beard oils are so vital to proper beard maintenance.


If you have decided to sport a dyed beard, this can also be the cause of split ends. If you want to avoid the chance of this happening, try to reduce the frequency that you dye your beard. Always choose a hair dye that contains a minimum amount of harsh chemicals, and be sure to keep the hair follicles nourished with good oil and balm.


Stay away from using heated appliances or using your partner’s shampoo. When your beard is wet, always pat it dry, don’t rub it.


To avoid the split ends moving down the hair shaft, it’s better to cut them off. You can have this done professionally at the barbershop, or you can invest in a good pair of scissors.


Why Can’t My Beard Grow?


Check your nutrition levels if your beard is not growing full and strong. As we mentioned earlier, getting more exercise stimulates testosterone production which leads to a fuller, stronger facial hair growth. Haul out the old family photo album, and see what kind of beard your father and other family members have; the chances are if they had sparse beard growth, then you will too.


Choose a beard style that suits the way the hair grows on your face. When you know that your beard complements your lifestyle, personality, and hair growth, you will sport your beard with confidence and flair. Get more info insight from

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