The Top 54 African American Beard Styles for 2022

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  • TRAP LARRY says:


  • Sidney From Canada says:

    The Toughest thing about keeping up with all the popular styles and trends be the fact they change so often. I just find me one look and stick with it. I wish I had the patience to keep up my looks. It’s hard to find a chick that wanna spend time so i just don’t even concern myself with fixing my mustache like i used to. I prolly should keep it up since its technically connected to my face but its hard. I get so frustrated, i got this caveman mane and i know i gotta find a look soon.

    • HNIC says:

      Things will get a better brother. All we look to do is help brothers like us improve and achieve the goals we set. We have to stay focus on the mission. You can’t lose yourself because of external circumstances. You will find someone who has the time and patience you’re looking for. Don’t be to hard on yourself, your only human. We all make mistakes and get overwhelmed with all the distractions. The KEY in DJ Khaled voice LOL is not to lose your head bro. Be sure to stay connected king and join our mailing list ??

  • chuck says:

    I’ve been wearing The dyed goatee, do you know anything about using bigen?

    • webmaster says:

      Hi chuck, yes if you visit my post on having a bigen beard. I cover my experiences and even challenges. I’ll be updating that post soon as I’ve had plenty of new experiences and challenges.

  • Coldbrite Walker says:

    I can’t remember what the style is called exactly but it looks like its thin on the sides but heavy at the bottom of the jawline. Last week i showed my barber this page and he used it to edge and shape up my facial hair nicely. So thanks fellas!

    • HNIC says:

      Hey how are you @Coldbrite I’m not exactly sure which style you’re referring to. However, the only look that comes to mind is the chin strap? I’ve had brothers mention something kind of similar but if you refer to the various options above I’m certain we have something that could be of help to you. I look forward to hearing back from you. Be safe ??

  • FRAZEO727 says:

    This website is life. I think i just became a fan

    • HNIC says:

      Thanks FRAZEO which style did you like the most?

      • FRAZEO727 says:

        I can’t really say i like just one, i found about 2 that really stuck out to me. First of all THE SCRUFF; MUSTACHE GOATEE
        was hilarious. I thought that was funny for other reasons lol but I know that the light tapered is where I’m at as of now and I wanna eventually get to a nice short beard.

  • Scooter ATL says:

    I’ve heard about the beard weave but to actually see in person is interesting. My buddies showed me some footage of a dude having it installed. It’s not for me personally, I feel there are better ways to get your beard under control. I think i might try out the cool beard with the side burns, that’s more of my actual style. I can see myself rocking that right there. It’s stylish and more urban, however i do like innovactive looks that you have on here like the rick ross beard. That was is very cool, I can’t recall which post it was on but it reminded me of how my uncle facial hair is.

    • HNIC says:

      Heeeeyyy Scooter. We just list all the latest trends in 2020. We personally have no option of looks. We just try to guide brothers through various options available. If you have any questions never hesitate to ask??

  • Gillie Free Now says:

    These days keep your beard on point is so tough. I was telling my girlfriend that i might cut it off and she got mad. Like she over here doing all the hard work and trying to tame this junk. I found your website and now things are starting to make more sense to me. i look forward to testing out all the grooming products. I hear using an established brand is where to go. Hopefully, you guys keep dropping a great post and i’ll always support. It’s roughly having a solid solution as this, you guys have really impressed me and my girl and i shared this post on my social media. Black men beard styling is difficult and you all have really made the process super easy for me. I look forward to joining the email list. I need ll the help i can get right now, my junk is nappy in all the wrong ways. No worries i’m gonna work on myself and grow it and get in shape. It’s time to improve myself, i wanna have a full beard that’s tame and be healthier. I don’t like it when i get cigarette smoke in my facial hair. A lot has to change and this is the motivation i needed.

    • HNIC says:

      Gillie thank you for the wonderful comment. We make every attempt to do our best. The black community needs a voice and whenever we find ways to help men improve with grooming we talk about it. Another great thing to consider is just overall nutrition. You really are what you eat and deserve the best. Eating the wrong foods doesn’t help you with your facial hair development it more so hinders it greatly. But yes by all means whenever time permits please join the mailing list. Were here to spread positivity for African American beard styles. However our reach is global, we just organized what’s hot in the USA.

  • Russel B says:

    Nice post, looking forward to more keep up the good work.

  • Randy Mitchell says:

    I used to have the hipster beard until my wife made me shave it. I grew my beard back in college gosh….nearly 10 years ago. I used to have all the ladies before i got married. They would always grab my afro pick and call themselves styling my beard. Now there are so many options to grow and maintain your beard. I really enjoyed the blog and will recommend it to all my buddies. I got the beard balm and it smelled really good. I appreciate everything you guys are doing. It’s always great to see brothers out here making a difference in the community.

  • HNIC says:

    Thanks RANDY!! I’ve heard a few other guys mention something that something. It must be some major truth to it lol Be sure to stay connected with us, and thanks again for such an awesome few words. We most definitely appreciate you!

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