The Best Beard Styles for Black Men in 2021

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best black men beard styles

Having a beard is all the rage, and with No-Shave November on its way, now?s the most opportune time to grow a beard. Most black men have nicely textured beards, so they can rock any style they please. But we can?t deny that some looks suit them better than others. If you?re a black man looking to spruce yourself up, check out these beard styles for black men.


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Van Dyke beard styles for black men

The Van Dyke, as one of our black men beard styles. This look doesn’t connect to the sideburns and stops midsection from becoming a full goatee for black men.


Curved beard beard styles for black men

The Curved beard is a full beard that stops less than 2 inches from the sideburn and full beard.

chin strap beard styles for black men

The Nicolas is a chin strap beard that connects the full goatee.


Mutton chops beard styles for black men

The mutton chops are full and thick sideburns based beard that stops inches from becoming a full mustache.


friendly Mutton beard styles for black men

Friendly mutton chops are similar to the standard mutton chops however they are neatly tapered using clippers.


Circle beard beard styles for black men
The Circle is a full beard that’s circular shaped and properly aligned using barber clippers or edgers.


Shaved beard beard styles for black men
It all comes down to texture and how you trim the growth when trying to grow a full beard.


The Ducktail beard styles for black men
The Ducktail is a full mountain man beard that’s shaped like a duck spreading its wings.


The Split in beard styles for black men
The Split in two sideburns made famous by hip hop platinum-selling artist Ludacris. The sideburns are precision-shaped layers leading to a half goatee.


The Garibaldi beard for black men styles and trends that looks great for your face shape
The Garibaldi is listed in the full beard spectrum for black men beard styles. This mid bushy beard has been made famous by NBA basketball star James Harden.


The Verdi for black men beard styles and trends for cool facial hair
The Verdi is a V-Shaped beard that’s carefully shaped for its curvature. The beard also boasts a light mustache shape, giving it a full look.


Dutch variation for black men many black men with beards full facial hair styles to grow best van dyke that looks great and long face shapes
The Dutch Variation is a mustache, goatee hybrid that has been made world known by the critically acclaimed actor/hip hop recording artist Childish Gambino aka Donald McKinley Glover.

  • Bald Black Men with Beard

bald black men with beards and trends that looks great for your face shape
As men age so does the hair on your head. Listed as one of the most trendy looks for 2020 and 2021 is the bald head with a beard. Having a reliable barber that can best capture your look of wisdom is essential to maximize whatever black men beard styles you choose.


Mini goatee beard and styles that looks great for your face shape
One of the most notable trends is the mini goatee. This style consists of mid sideburns that connect at the chin.


The Chin Puff "Stubble" for black men styles and trends that looks great for your face shape
Full stubble: Easy to grow and maintain, this is a carefree, casual look with a hint of a bad boy for good measure. Just because the description includes stubble doesn?t mean that you can neglect its upkeep. Regular trimming so that it keeps its shape will ensure your aesthetics stay on point.


The Angular beard beard styles for black men
The Angular beard short for anglo Saxon, is a style of full-length beard made famous from Germanic inhabitants of England but can also be rocked by black men. However for us it’s the king look, along with all our list black men beard styles.


chinstrap beard styles for black men
The friendly chinstrap has been made famous by young men all over America that prefer thin facial hair or can’t grow out a full beard.


dyed goatee beard styles for black men
A quick browse through online reveals how diverse looks can be. The pared-back short goatee is a winning look, but thick, pampered facial coiffures can be seen more and more frequently. Learn more about bigen beard dye in this epic post.


The Professional beard styles for black men
The professional beard is a common trend made to capture the essence of wisdom and solidifying career goals.


The Barely there beard styles for black men
The Barely-there or better know as the five o’clock shadow is a common trend stimulated by a lack of black men barbershop visits.

Black Men Goatee


Little goatee beard styles for black men
Goatee: Short facial hair for black men wouldn?t be complete without the goatee beard. Look at all the goatee pictures, and you know the look is golden.


Fun chinstrap beard styles for black men
Similar to the friendly chinstrap, the “fun chinstrap” is a line thin beard that’s fully connected by one solid inch of facial hair. This facial hairstyle requires consistent barber up-keep to avoid the heavy recurrence of the five o’clock shadow.


Pencil thin beard styles for black men
The pencil-thin chin strap is nearly half the slide of the “fun chinstrap”.


The Disconnected beard styles for black men

If your someone that can DYI this shaven look, consider learning more about the best electric shavers for black men. If you are looking to save time and money, find out how you can have this look every single day on demand!
The Almost shaved beard styles for black men
The circle aka the almost shaved is full and close to shave five o’clock shadow that if left untreated can develop into a full caveman beard.


The Wrestler aka cave man
This look can also be identified as the caveman style. This trend is common for black guys that haven’t shaved in months and just decide to let it all hang out.


The Rough Brisk
The rough brisk is a patchy beard black men common encounter when growing your beard. However, the out exterior develops into a patchy full shadow black men beard styles.


The Sharp Thin
The sharp thin chin strap is a full wrap-around goatee beard hybrid. This facial hair trend leaves the neck and upper jawline clean-shaven black men.


The Thick
The good news is that there are many face shapes among black men beard styles: the full beard like Killer Mike, the 3-day ?I just got back from a weekend away? growth, and the classic goatee/mustache combo.

Long Puffy
The long fluffy beard is commonly found in Philadelphia and made popular by rap superstar Freeway.


Stylish Curvy
The stylish and curvy beard is a fully shaped wrestler or caveman beard that has been tamed by scissors giving it a more theatrical European look but for black men.



The infamous egg shaped beard is a full beard that has been thoughtfully trimmed down and neatly rounded to shape an egg. We all have differently shaped faces, and there?s a beard to suit every one of us. Your mission for 2020 is to find the one that is going to add attraction and value to your style and you’re look.


The Square-jawed
The Square jawed falls into the full beard range. This beard style is a common amount African American men due to its natural curvature to capture the jawline.


Thin Chinstrap
The thin chin strap is similar to The Sharp Thin chin strap beard. However, the thin chin strap does not connect the goatee and gives more of a half-full appearance.


Light Tapered
The light tapered is a well-developed fiver o clock shadow that has been professionally edged to stimulate growth within the edge parameters for black men beard styles.


The Elegant short beard
The Elegant short beard is nearly a full beard. Due to the lack of connection at the very bottom of the beard. Its design to give off full elegance yet stops short of neckline connection.


The Laidback
The Laidback is everything but that. This latest beard trend is a full-grown beard that’s been strategically scissored and trimmed to tame a fully grown wrestler mane. This beard style can be easily confused for the anglo Saxon look.


Cool beard with thin sideburns
The Cool beard with thin sideburns falls into the full facial hair range. This facial hair trend is similar to the Verdi, however it defers with the full mustache connection and barber assisted edges in the facial hair, giving the trend spark for black men.


The Curvy Hipster
The Hipster Beard: A full growth suits an older man who wants a beard. It also happens to be highly stylish. When growing long, lush, full garibaldi beards, it is always cool.


The French beard
The French beard has been made popular by European style facial hair trends. This facial hairstyle would fall under the goatee spectrum due to its rounded mustache region..


The Stylish
The stylist beard has been made popular by the Africas and Caribbean trends that are emerging into the United States. This beard style requires a quality African American beard straightener to properly manage the untamed facial hairstyles on black men.


Full Beard style beard styles for black men
The Full Beard: This is a simple look that adds a friendly aura to the personality. It goes perfectly with all sorts of black men haircuts. You can trim it back or grow it to be exceptionally long and full.


Short beard with Baldhead beard styles for black men
The short beard with bald head is one of the most infamous looks and to easily pull off among African American men that have residing hairlines.


Properly Groomed beard styles for black men
The properly groomed beard is the standard facial hairstyle that falls within the full facial hair category due to its rounded and lined up roughness.


Classy beard beard styles for black men
The classy beard is similar to all the elegant facial hair styles. This facial hair look full extends to the same length from nose length, yet it quick blends into a fade.


Businessman beard styles for black men
The Businessman Facial beard develops naturally with 2-4 weeks of sustaining a five o clock shadow. This facial hairstyle can easily fall into the elegant range with the daily edging of new growth.


Nerdy beard styles for black men
The nerdy look is a common look among our black men beard styles as it consists of a half connecting goatee that doesn’t fully extend pass the mustache section.


Chin beard with braided hair beard styles for black men
Men can now wear braid able human hair to give the look of facial hair growth.


The Scruff Mustache goatee beard styles for black men


The latest trends can be the perfect addition to a beard. You know when you underline something, it draws attention to it, and the same goes for mustaches. There is a wide selection of mustache waxes and grooming aids that will keep your mustache in excellent shape.


Chinstrap goatee beard styles for black men
The Soul Patch: Also called the Imperial, this look is created when you grow the small part of your beard between the lower lip and the chin. Trimming it into a soft, triangular shape is the perfect soul patch.


Jawline beard
The jawline is listed as one of our black men beard styles as it falls into the full facial hair range for it’s thick and rounded look that quickly levels out into the sideburns.


Formal many black men with beards full facial hair styles to grow best van dyke that looks great and long face shapes
The formal facial is on par with all the professional looks. This facial hairstyle is manageable with owning in-home shaving products and growth tips for black men beards.


Casual many black men with beards full facial hair styles to grow best van dyke that looks great and long face shapes
The casual look is best maintain by an experinced barber that has a deep understanding of maintaining full beards. If this facial hairstyle is left unmanaged it can quickly grow into the scraggly looking beard.


impressive formal many black men with beards full facial hair styles to grow best van dyke that looks great and long face shapes
Grow some stubble first, and if you like what you see, allow it to grow a bit longer and thicker for full black men beard styles.

Learn More About Grooming Your Chosen Beard Styles for Black Men

When presenting your barber with your look. It’s always best to have a warm towel apply to your face before edging or line ups for black men beards.


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    The Toughest thing about keeping up with all the popular styles and trends be the fact they change so often. I just find me one look and stick with it. I wish I had the patience to keep up my looks. It’s hard to find a chick that wanna spend time so i just don’t even concern myself with fixing my mustache like i used to. I prolly should keep it up since its technically connected to my face but its hard. I get so frustrated, i got this caveman mane and i know i gotta find a look soon.

    • HNIC says:

      Things will get a better brother. All we look to do is help brothers like us improve and achieve the goals we set. We have to stay focus on the mission. You can’t lose yourself because of external circumstances. You will find someone who has the time and patience you’re looking for. Don’t be to hard on yourself, your only human. We all make mistakes and get overwhelmed with all the distractions. The KEY in DJ Khaled voice LOL is not to lose your head bro. Be sure to stay connected king and join our mailing list ??

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    I’ve been wearing The dyed goatee, do you know anything about using bigen?

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      Hi chuck, yes if you visit my post on having a bigen beard. I cover my experiences and even challenges. I’ll be updating that post soon as I’ve had plenty of new experiences and challenges.

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    I can’t remember what the style is called exactly but it looks like its thin on the sides but heavy at the bottom of the jawline. Last week i showed my barber this page and he used it to edge and shape up my facial hair nicely. So thanks fellas!

    • HNIC says:

      Hey how are you @Coldbrite I’m not exactly sure which style you’re referring to. However, the only look that comes to mind is the chin strap? I’ve had brothers mention something kind of similar but if you refer to the various options above I’m certain we have something that could be of help to you. I look forward to hearing back from you. Be safe ??

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        I can’t really say i like just one, i found about 2 that really stuck out to me. First of all THE SCRUFF; MUSTACHE GOATEE
        was hilarious. I thought that was funny for other reasons lol but I know that the light tapered is where I’m at as of now and I wanna eventually get to a nice short beard.

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    I’ve heard about the beard weave but to actually see in person is interesting. My buddies showed me some footage of a dude having it installed. It’s not for me personally, I feel there are better ways to get your beard under control. I think i might try out the cool beard with the side burns, that’s more of my actual style. I can see myself rocking that right there. It’s stylish and more urban, however i do like innovactive looks that you have on here like the rick ross beard. That was is very cool, I can’t recall which post it was on but it reminded me of how my uncle facial hair is.

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      Heeeeyyy Scooter. We just list all the latest trends in 2020. We personally have no option of looks. We just try to guide brothers through various options available. If you have any questions never hesitate to ask??

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    These days keep your beard on point is so tough. I was telling my girlfriend that i might cut it off and she got mad. Like she over here doing all the hard work and trying to tame this junk. I found your website and now things are starting to make more sense to me. i look forward to testing out all the grooming products. I hear using an established brand is where to go. Hopefully, you guys keep dropping a great post and i’ll always support. It’s roughly having a solid solution as this, you guys have really impressed me and my girl and i shared this post on my social media. Black men beard styling is difficult and you all have really made the process super easy for me. I look forward to joining the email list. I need ll the help i can get right now, my junk is nappy in all the wrong ways. No worries i’m gonna work on myself and grow it and get in shape. It’s time to improve myself, i wanna have a full beard that’s tame and be healthier. I don’t like it when i get cigarette smoke in my facial hair. A lot has to change and this is the motivation i needed.

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      Gillie thank you for the wonderful comment. We make every attempt to do our best. The black community needs a voice and whenever we find ways to help men improve with grooming we talk about it. Another great thing to consider is just overall nutrition. You really are what you eat and deserve the best. Eating the wrong foods doesn’t help you with your facial hair development it more so hinders it greatly. But yes by all means whenever time permits please join the mailing list. Were here to spread positivity for African American beard styles. However our reach is global, we just organized what’s hot in the USA.

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    I used to have the hipster beard until my wife made me shave it. I grew my beard back in college gosh….nearly 10 years ago. I used to have all the ladies before i got married. They would always grab my afro pick and call themselves styling my beard. Now there are so many options to grow and maintain your beard. I really enjoyed the blog and will recommend it to all my buddies. I got the beard balm and it smelled really good. I appreciate everything you guys are doing. It’s always great to see brothers out here making a difference in the community.

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