best beard oils for black men

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Finding the best beard oils for black men is vital to well moisture facial hair. That’s why we recommend that use only essential oils.

Not having the proper beard oil can be damaging to maintaining the sheen and hinder growth. You should always make every attempt to add moisture to strengthen your beard. Using coconut oil and argan oil have proven to seal in wetness and make it easier to style and comb through much easier.

Let’s face it, we have all had those moments of being out with your girlfriend or significant other and went in the men’s bathroom and noticed your beard was dry or heavily matted and you had a decision either to comb it real quick or just leave it be. Luckily, we have the solution for you.

Best Beard Growth Oils:

Our beard oils for black men can go right in your pocket and works perfectly in conjunction with our afro pick, which also is included in our beard kits. When your away from home and require them on the go finesse, it helps to have access.

Our readers have mentioned that having beard oil on demand,  is equivalent to having a barber in your pocket. Minus the occasional shape up, grooming on the go can prove necessary to you looking your best.

The Lady’s Love The Smell

Don’t limit your potential with that special lady by not looking up to par. Our amazing oils have an amazing smell that she will love, which after all, most women prefer men to look good. conducted a study that found they 28% of women can tell if she will sleep with a man by the third date. So with odds stacked against you, it’s best to look and smell you’re very best!

For more information on how to best utilize our shop, be sure to hop on over to our blog for more in-depth insight on your beard growth. Learn more about black men beard care today.


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