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Best Beard Kit For Black Men Traveling Abroad

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best beard kit for black men

In this post, we will break down three benefits of a beard kit for black men.

As an African American man with facial hair that travels a lot, I figured it was mission critical to outline a few factors to help you in your travels. Having all your essentials to look and feel your best on your quest is just as important as booking your trip. So in this latest addition to BBP, we outline everything you need to take the world by storm!


Grooming And Travel

Being black abroad is the new wave. Black people are gearing up more than ever to travel abroad. Having your passport stamped / “tattooed” from experiencing the world is being more of a necessity then fad. Endless amount of hashtags floating around on Instagram showcasing black excellence at it’s finest.

Countless successful beautiful black women are living their best life travelling the world. Showcasing interesting pictures of downtown china and architecture found in Asia seems captivating.

That’s why a beard kit for black men are vital. You want to make sure your facial hair is on point. You want to look your best, after all…You are in a new country; it’s essential to look fly for the ladies. Or if you are with your girl, looking fly for her is even more critical. You want to post interesting pictures of your experience. You want your travels to be the best, and you should want to motivate other black people to travel.



beard grooming kit for black men

Saving money is a big part of everyone’s to-do list. Well, it should be, with CNN talking about the economy every 5 minutes, you should want a beard kit that covers the everyday essentials. You should have access to every product for every scenario. You don’t want to run into the scruffy beard issue, where your facial hair is dehydrated and shaggy looking. You want to look like your mother taught you how to dress well.

Beard kits need to be tucked away in a suitcase or book bag. This allows for easy storage and quick access. You can also store a bottle of cologne and clippers in this bag. I’ve even been able to store my wallet in the kit just as a safety measure when commuting.


When you purchase every item in the beard kit for black men, you spend more. Your cost is discounted when you are buying the entire kit. you also get access to more products that you probably never considered to try. The price can range from 69$ to-130$ depending on items.


Easier To Manage

beard care kit for black men

Having the full beard kit for black men is so much easier to manage. I’m able to have all my stuff in one place. If I’m travelling, I don’t want to search all through my bag to find my beard balm. You should be able to access it without tearing your luggage apart easily.

Just a couple of dabs and a quick brush can go along way when you’re travelling a long way. If you check out the products recommenced on BBP, they also smell great after long hours.

Avoid Lost

I’ve found it easy to lose individual products when travelling or ubering. Imagine your leaving the airport, and you decide to do a quick dab of beard cream before jumping in a cab and leave it in the backseat. This has happened to me at least five times in the last seven years. I’m no rocket scientist clearly, but if you add that up, that’s the cost of an entire beard kit.

I would have been better off just buying a well-branded beard kit for black men that could fit into my travel along. I wouldn’t have been inclined to sit it down or leave anymore. The make and build of the packaging are on par with designer travel bags.


What’s Included?

beard kit for black men

*Brand Items Found In a beard kit for black men, should include the following:

Beard Balm

Having a good beard balm is essential for every growing beard. It helps keep the facial hair manageable under various weather conditions. It also helps tame the facial hair by allowing it to become softer and less nappy.


Beard Oil

Beard oil is typically applied right after you added beard balm to your facial hair. It’s also important to consider implementing a warm rag to the face; this allows the hairs on the face to better absorb the serum effectively.

Beard Conditioner

Washing your facial hair is just as important as keeping it properly moisturized. Having a great beard balm will help keep your facial hair tamed and less scruffy if conducted 1-2  per week.

After you have used your beard shampoo, apply a few dabs of beard conditioner to your face help and allowing it to sit for 3-5 minutes helps the hair follicles lay down. This works best by following up with a nice moisturizing oil.


After you have adequately added your oil, shampoo and conditioner, having a great brush works wonders. A good brush will force the nappy type 4/type3 hair to properly lay-down.


If your beard is more developed, having a good comb can nicely remove any de-tangles your facial hair may encounter. It’s best to use a beard comb after you have used the recommended products above.

Face Wash

After an eventful day washing your face is critical. A robust face wash helps remove all the applied products while simultaneously conditioning your beard and cleaning the skin underneath.

Face Scrub

If having healthy skin is essential to you. Adding a great face scrub can help remove dead skin and open your pores. Healthy clean skin has become a new factor for me, so having a good face scrub 1-2 times per week can help your African American skincare process.


In Closing

I hope you found this piece to be helpful and insightful throughout your journey. If you are having any questions regarding black men beards please feel free to leave a comment below. It’s always great to hear my reader’s thoughts and perspectives. After all, here at BBP, we are here to help!

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