10 Years of Bigen Beard Dye Use

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As an African-American man, having a gray beard isn’t exactly what I anticipated. However, I have been growing a beard on and off for the last 10 years. I have found it very difficult to cut my beard, as I always seem to grow it right back during the winter months.

One of the most challenging things I’ve found about my beard being totally snow white. Is that it never was truly fully black, to begin with. It all started back in high school; I was about 17 years old full of ambition ready to take on college or whatever opportunities come my way. I use to rock the line strap beard, just literally just the line no bigger than one or two inches thick.

It wasn’t until I started to take the “line beard” from 2 inches to full face, is when I started to notice irregular growth patterns.

I’m Grey

I started to notice little speckles of grey hairs on my sideburns then as I progress on to college. At this point I had tired to grow a full beard, I had always rocked the line sideburns 2 inches thick that ran jawline. After I had got my first job doing AC repair, I figured it necessary to claim my nuts into manhood with a full beard.

I hated the work, but fortunately, the ladies loved the beard. The downside is that I had to use bigen every 10-14 days to keep the color from totally greying out. So I made it my business to keep my beard maintained because it played such a significant force in my mojo.

I had always been brought up to resent my nappy hair; then suddenly everything shifted when I discovered the righteousness of people that derive from Africa.

Whenever I would show up for meetings with, if left untamed, my potential client would be become fixated on the fact, I was mid 20’s and entirely snowed out.

I couldn’t allow this to stop or slow down my money, so I made a strategic decision to embrace black beard products to keep myself fresh and vibrant looking. I believe it was my girlfriend that first recommended beginning to me, now nearly a decade ago.

Flash Forward Today

My strategy is to reinvent my look into something woke and smooth. I’ve watched black panther, so I must tap into my inner Wakanda and show of my nice naps.

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