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These days having the best products is essential for maintaing black men beard care. In 2020 most millennials specifically men of color, found having a nice beard is a distinguishable style that exuberant professionalism and man hood. 

That’s why we specialize in giving me the most insightful information about taking care of your facial hair and properly growing it to our full potential. 


Everything You Need To Know About African American Beards

Just like anything else, beards require their routine and maintenance to be healthy and strong. If you’re like most men, keeping up with facial hair is probably the last thing on your to-do list. At most, you probably consider if you’re going to keep it or cut it before you think what products to use on your beard.

If you’re new to the beard care game or you want to learn more, you’ve found the right place. Beards have varying textures and growth patterns that make no one beard the same. Some men experience challenges like dryness, ingrown hairs, hair bumps, patchiness, and irritation. If you suffer from these and don’t know where to start, we can help break it down so you can begin to incorporate the right beard hair routine into your schedule to remedy these challenges.


Your facial hair, much like everything else, requires consistent care to stay on point. Much like you stay on top of those haircuts - you have to do the same with your facial hair.

As we talk about the ideal hair care routine, we’ll explain how you can get your facial hair healthy using products. This is one of our favorite, if not the most recommended, beard care lines out there. They offer an end to end product line that makes African American beard care a breeze. It's also super convenient to get all your beard care needs from one brand. If you’re anything like us, we can think of 50 things to do rather than sitting at the convenience store trying to read the back of facial hair products.


Best Grooming & Maintenance Tips

What we like most about black men beard care products is the way it makes your beard feel. It’s not only softer to
the touch but is more manageable and more comfortable to groom over time. Their line consists of a Beard Wash, Beard Conditioner, Beard Serum, and Beard Balm, which we’ll highlight how to use each in your beard care routine.

If you know anything about natural hair care, you must stay away from parabens, silicones, petroleum, mineral oil, and artificial colors. These chemicals and oils can damage your hair, leaving it coarse and more prone to breakage. Thankfully, our products are free of all these ingredients and safe for color-treated hair.


A comb is another essential tool for good beard care.

Cheap combs can cause snapping, break because they are too weak (causing you to spend even more on combs), and cause hair loss from locking your hair. No one wants this.

Latest News For Black Men Beard Care

Having the best products is another viable essiental for looking your best. We cover this topic for our readers with amazing insight!

best african american beards and products like oil serum and shampoo conditioners to wash grooming

You’ll want to start with washing your facial hair. Use lukewarm water to help open up your pores and soften your hair to take the styling products more easily. When washing, be sure to lather gently – making sure your skin and facial hair are both getting clean. Rinse well with warm water and pat dry with a towel. Avoid rubbing the towel roughly on your facial hair, as this can make your beard harder to manage. Learn about black men beard styles.

care products for african american beards

Just like the hair on your head, your facial hair also needs conditioning. A regular conditioning routine will not only make your beard hair softer but keep the skin under your beard healthy as well. Conditioner is the perfect conditioner to help you mend split ends and keep your beard shiny. The great thing about this conditioner is it is ideal for all facial hair types. After washing your beard, apply the conditioner starting at the tips and work up to the roots. Leave the conditioner on your beard for 3-5 minutes. For a deeper condition, leave on for 8-10 minutes. Rinse with warm water and blot dry.


Depending on your style, styling your facial hair can require various products and grooming to get the “look”. Most men will resort to synthetic sealants like petroleum jelly or castor oil. Stay far from these products as they have a tendency to dry out your hair and make it brittle. To get the results you want out of your facial hair, you’ll want to seal in the moisture from your condition and use a cream to style to the desired look. Find out the latest on black men beard growth tactics to try.


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Use oil to help lock in moisture. You can use this product throughout the week as well to keep your facial hair moisturized. Before applying productcs for African American beards, you’ll want to brush your hair thoroughly to make sure there are no knots or kinks. When applying Oil, start with the ends and work up to the roots (learn more)

All of our blog posts are conducted by doing the most extensive research about beard care for black men and styling techniques that are futuristic for the average man of color.   

style your beard. The key to the balm is finding the right size amount to add to your facial hair. Depending on your style or facial hair texture you may find that a little goes a long way. 
  • If you’re facial hair is coarse, you may find yourself using a medium-to-large amount to style. Smooth the balm through your facial hair and use a good comb or brush to style. See Vid.

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